The Village of DeForest is a thriving community located just ten minutesnnorth of Madison.  DeForest is dedicated to ensuring a premiernmunicipality for roughly 9,000 residents through its beautiful park system,nsafe neighborhoods, and quality public services.

The Village provides a full range of municipal services including Police andnFire protection, Parks, Public Works, Water and Sewer Utilities, CommunitynDevelopment, Library and General Administrative services.  Recreationnprograms year round keep the members of our community active andnengaged.  DeForests convenient location and welcoming community make it annideal place for families and businesses.

A little piece ofnHistory...

DeForest was named for Isaac DeForest, whose ancestry can be traced back tonBelgium.  He arrived in this area in 1854 and accumulated large landnholdings, most devoted to wheat farming.  He had the land platted in 1856,nseeing the opportunity for establishing a village.  Unfortunately, becausenof the precipitous decline in wheat prices following the Civil War, he lost angreat deal of money, sold his land in 1868 and moved to Wetmore, Kansas. nThe name remained, however, and soon became the post office designation in thenarea and by 1872 a main station on the Madison-Portage Railway line.

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